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There's also a DVD-case-sized comic book adaptation of the movie by writer Kris Oprisko and artists Nick Postic and Nick Marinovich, the creative team behind the comic book miniseries that served as a prequel to Underworld. THIS is my idea of what vampires and werewolves are, not sparkly day walkers that hang out with high schoolers despite their age #creeper. This movie is the starter for a 3 movie collection.One can debate the wisdom of releasing an extended-cut DVD only months after the theatrical release, but this package does have a lot to offer. Telling some of the history and moving forward with this story.Highly recommended and added to my list of favorite movies. I would like to suggest that you give Underworld unrated 2 disk extended cut a try.Underworld is a story of Selene (vampire, death-dealer), and a human turned lycan (Lycan is short for one who has the lycanthropy virus.If you enjoyed the stylish and moody atmosphere of Underworld's theatrical version and didn't mind the pacing, then you should be able to replace your original DVD with the extended and unrated cut. All in all a very well done story that will likely spawn many more modern day Vampire versus Werewolf movies to come..Van Helsing, and, oh, the sequel! Underworld: Evolution apparently continues the story of the war between the Death Dealing Vampires and The Howling, and also traces the beginnings of the fight between the two mythical, legendary monsters. So if you've not already, get Underworld into your collection, or at least view it before seeing the next installment. UNDERWORLD, watch this interesting battle between (not humans as one would think) but Vampires versus Lycans (werewolves)Selene (Kate Beckinsale of Pearl Harbor fame) is a Beautiful Vampire Soldier (Death Dealer) whose purpose is to hunt down and kill any Werewolves she comes across, until one day (or night it is always dark it seems) she comes across a human Micheal who the Lycans are trying to capture.The 12 minutes of new footage includes a sexy subplot involving vampire Erika (Sophia Myles, who also figures into some of the recut footage), back stories on Scott Speedman's Michael character and the Lycans, and a new battle scene toward the end. The DVD comes in a brilliant HD transfer with terrific 5.1 sound. Well of course she falls for this guy and the plot gets more intense as it moves along between betrayal, power struggles and internal conflict which brings the film to an interesting (and bloody of course) end. It seems like it is always raining and cold looking (which adds to the feeling of this film).And although this cut is unrated, don't expect to see more graphic violence or Kate Beckinsale out of her leather outfit. And without the war there would have been no action-packed thriller about this war called Underworld. Costumes are also the type seen in the usual Gothic Vamp circles.

Girl, you ready for your 3 minutes in heaven(foreplay included)? SELENE, A BEAUTIFUL VAMPIRE WARRIOR, IS ENTRENCHED IN A WAR BETWEEN THE VAMPIRE & WEREWOLF RACES. Flash back to the present and Kate Beckinsale is a death dealer/Vampire that hunts the last of the Lycan. All of the key characters are back played by the same actors..the same director.ALTHOUGH SHE IS ALIGNED WITH THE VAMPIRES, SHE FALLS IN LOVE WITH MICHAEL, A WEREWOLF WHO LONGS FOR THE WAR TO END. Scott Speedman is a mortal (for now) that holds the key to end the war, and he takes some licks (and a couple bites..words: a couple) protecting that key. That's the first ingredient to a successful sequel (looks like kind of a prequel too).But he also loves some of the scenes that have been restored. It was a sleeper hit in October 2003 and it continues to draw crowds of viewers.

His commentary with Beckinsale and Speedman (he leaves after the first half) may be a little less technically informative than the two commentaries on the original DVD, but it's useful for Wiseman's notes on the new footage, and it's just fun to listen to. I saw the normal DVD (rented) and liked it so much I picked up the Extended version (2 DVD set unrated) it adds about 20 min more to the film and comes with some interesting extras.

Actress Kate Beckinsale was born July 26, 1973 in London, the only child of actor and comedian Richard Beckinsale and actress Judy Loe.