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Unhelpfully, those numbers suggest that Microsoft browsers are used regularly on at least 200 million and possibly as many as 800 million Windows PCs. That doesn't narrow things down much at all, does it?The more interesting question is this follow-up: Among the population that chooses to use Microsoft browsers, which versions are they using?This version was the last one to run on Windows XP, so that likely accounts for the lions share of this number.There are also corporate sites running Windows 7 that standardized on Internet Explorer 8 for compatibility with line-of-business apps.If there's an IT pro in the house, these people desperately need to set up Enterprise Mode for Internet Explorer 11, which was built for precisely this purpose.

Although the company provided almost two years' warning, the population still using older versions of Internet Explorer appears to be uncomfortably high.Internet Explorer 9 - Believe it or not, there are people who are perfectly happy to be running Windows Vista today.Some small but not trivial number of devices (roughly 2 percent of all Windows PCs) are running Vista.Google is the absolute leader in Stat Counter's numbers, with an average of 57 percent of all worldwide pageviews from desktop browsers during the survey period. Those numbers say Microsoft browsers accounted for 35.8 percent of the 1 billion or so visits from desktop devices in that three-month period.

The remainder is divided between Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and a small number of obscure browsers.

How many people are using Microsoft browsers (Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge) on desktop PCs, laptops, and Windows-powered hybrids?

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