Updating firmware on mp3 player

Note: C does not support default-int, this and C2143: syntax error: missing ';' before 'user-defined literal', C2059: syntax error:, error C2065: 'see': undeclared identifier, error C2086: 'int bias': redefinition / note: see declaration of 'bias, error C2143: syntax error: missing ';' before 'constant' and C1004: unexpected end-of-file found, it would be nice if someone could help me get past this errors so i can be able to compile an executable, i am unaware IF this will work or even if i'm trying the right way so i would also apprecciate if someone could help me with this.Markdown lets you add more formatting to your post.Follow the instructions below to bring your device up to date.If you have any questions about the process, please consult the Sandisk website and support forums for more specific information.

San Disk actively and periodically updates the capabilities, functionality, and reliability of your San Disk MP3 player through this firmware.The first few times i switched the device on they appeared in there and i was unable to access folders or skip audio, now it displays a No File! Something happened with the device i was trying to accomplish this task on, i am now trying to do do it on a Actions HS USB Flash Disk USB Device, it is fitted with a 2Gb SD card, windows explorer informs me that either the device or the card is is FAT formatted, i would apprecciate if someone could tell in which format should i proceed to format the card.I am still interested in accomplishing this task, the devices are very similiar and i again state that i pocess something that i believe it would let me upgrade the devices firmware, i managed to convert a file into a with the intention of creating an file for this purpose but i am getting an error in process of it's creation using Visual Studio Native Tools Command Prompt, error C4430: missing type specifier - int assumed.You have a 99% of chance to kill you player if you flash it without checking the Board ID .

To learn how to determine your MP3 player firmware from Board ID , please read this article from here " how to find your correct mp3 player firmware " .

Here are the instructions for updating the firmware on your player: 1.