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Since about June 2001 the CIDA instrument was switched OFF as the spacecraft went out to its remotest point from the sun and not enough solar power was available.In fact CIDA is just now being turned on again, and will remain ON until the comet Wild-2 flyby in January of 2004.Mc Donald Date: PM / Subject: Red and Black article Dear John --Someone recently pointed me to the "Red and Black" web article of 26 November about your work with chimp and human genomes, and the viral genes they contain. The article quotes you as saying, "Someone even offered to give us some money if we could prove if the viruses came from outer space." I presume that comment was about me.Others who know me and know that I met you in October and gave a seminar for your lab will make the same presumption, as did my friend who first alerted me.I think you continually make an excellent point that panspermia is a cogent alternative to the origin of life on Earth.But I'm uncertain as to how you account for life in the first place.Our task is to analyze spectra we haven't seen with the limited lab capabilities, since totally organic particles with no electric conductivity cannot be accelerated.

Most of the region coding for the variable amino acid segments forming the antibody polypeptides is a nucleotide sequence just a few thousand bases long.Due to other work obligations we have not invested more in the 10 spectra of positive ions and 35 spectra of negative ions we have from flight, until we have a larger number of both.This is expected to happen within the next year or so.My opponents pretend that it is not -- and perhaps that I am not. Would you be willing to send me an email for posting in which you clarify that I did not offer you money to "prove if the viruses came from outer space? I am not as perturbed as this email probably sounds. Jochen Kissel From: Brig Klyce Date: AM / Subject: CIDA miscalibrated? Kissel --In March I spoke with Don Brownlee about the CIDA results that were announced in April, 2000. Dear Brig, Taken literally, your e-mail would sound disastrous.

I enjoyed our meeting and I hope a collaboration between us in the future remains possible. Brownlee said that the instrument might be miscalibrated and that a flyby of a familiar object (he was thinking of Wild 2) would help to find out. No, CIDA is not miscalibrated, and the results stand up.

Or are you of the opinion that the ultimate origin of life lies beyond our ken?

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