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It is so chemically reactive that it must be stored under oxygen-free liquid paraffin to prevent oxidation.Thus, it can move somewhat freely in most rock matrices.can be considered to rigorously hold in all situations.Therefore, dating by this method is at best a hypothesis concerning the age of any rock suite or mineral; it is certainly not a scientific fact!

Besides all the dubious assumptions that go into it, this method is deliberately biased by the standard used to determine J.Researchers who use results from these dating methods to conclude that rock sample dates are evidence of a millions or billions-year-old Earth are simply not using a legitimate scientific method.Dating methods that use better assumptions which can reliably reproduce known ages of rocks are needed.Now, in order to calculate the approximate age from the K ratio and irradiation time accurately, and we must know the energy spectrum for the neutron flux (the number of neutrons per square centimeter per second in a given object) and the energy dependence of the (n,p) reaction cross-section (the probability that a neutron incident on a Ar nucleus) over that entire energy spectrum.

Unfortunately, the (n,p) cross-sections over the entire reactor neutron energy range are not well known and neither is the energy spectrum.

Assumptions 2, 3, 4, and 5 are all closed-system assumptions that are not realistic, especially in secular deep-time frames.

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