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It is time to move past old prejudices dressed up in tired legal arguments.None of us should accept the proposition that it is ok to bulldoze First Nation burial sites just because they are not technically considered “cemeteries” under provincial law.Fox Harley-Davidson® is proud to bring that legacy to Ontario with the full line up including the Touring, Sportster®, Dyna®, CVO™, Softail®, Street™, Trike, and V-Rod®.Whether you want a new Harley-Davidson® motorcycle that roars with power and torque from its Milwaukee Eight™ engine that can really go the distance or you want to save on a used Harley-Davidson® motorcycle that's fully serviced and ready to ride, we're sure to have the Harley-Davidson® motorcycle you've been searching for.A Legal and Moral Imperative To those who say it is unworkable to have layered ownership and jurisdiction on private property, we remind them to look at the current reality of land ownership in B. It’s time to put protection of burial sites back into the hands of the people whose ancestors have been laid to rest at these sacred sites.It’s time for us all to work together to find solutions.We see the same tragic and unnecessary story unfolding at Grace Islet. However, recent photos show cement foundations and walls built on top of three of the burial cairns. passed the Indian Graves Ordinance protecting “Indian Graves” from disturbance by settlement and claiming ownership of burials as “property of the Crown.” Under federal law and policy, burial sites were supposed to be protected as Indian reserves but most were not. Suspending permits gives the developer more incentive to work with the First Nations to find solutions.Obviously, there is no provincial monitoring and the permits are “toothless.” No charges have been laid for the violation of the permits. parceled out private property over top of First Nations’ burial grounds. With Grace Islet he has refused to use these powers.

11 meeting between Premier Clark, her cabinet and B. chiefs that substantial dialogue will occur with respect to the implementation of the Tsilhqot’in decision and the provincial government’s approach to Aboriginal title territories and protection of First Nation heritage sites.It’s time for all British Columbians to recognize that First Nation burial sites are owned by First Nations and that First Nations have duties under their own traditional laws to respect and protect their ancestors.Preventing Further Problems What can be done to prevent these conflicts from repeatedly arising? Recognizing First Nation ownership of burial and heritage sites is consistent with recognizing the realities of all of the existing layers of ownership and jurisdiction.Status of Women Canada (SWC) is a federal government organization that promotes the full participation of women in the economic, social and democratic life of Canada.

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