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" This debate among conservationists was already on NPR. That's especially so, considering I thought the original stat on Honey Bee populations being up was already misleading.

For his supporting role as the rugby player Francois Pienaar in Invictus (2009) and his leading role as an astronaut stranded on Mars in The Martian (2015), Damon received Academy Award nominations for Best Supporting Actor and Best Actor, respectively.Damon has received various accolades, including an Academy Award from five nominations, two Golden Globe Awards from eight nominations, and has been nominated for three British Academy Film Awards and six Emmy Awards.Born and raised in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Damon began his acting career by appearing in high school theater productions.In 2017, Damon played the lead role in Zhang Yimou's The Great Wall, a hit at international box offices but was a disappointment at the domestic box office.

The film, and Damon's casting, were not well received by critics.

Damon donates all fees from the advertisements to charity.