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The only problem is their scavenger hunt leads to Jason agreeing to go to Winter Formal with Alex M., instead of his girlfriend Jessica.Kristin experiences her own share of Winter Formal stress, planning a surprise at longtime friend Ian's workplace.Griffith’s former theater coach Gerald Gordon was shocked to hear about the domestic violence case, calling him “absolutely dependable, honest and talented.” “He was one of the best people I had worked with,” adds Gordon. Karina Smirnoff has always had her eye on the prize – a husband and a child, maybe even two.“She was fine and everything appeared to be fine,” Lindquist said.Her car, which was recovered a few days after her disappearance, was “drivable,” Lindquist says.

(The pregnancy didn’t go to term, though the reason wasn’t known).On Tuesday, Las Vegas Judge Nancy Oesterle set an April 14 preliminary hearing for Griffith on the domestic violence charges, one misdemeanor and one felony. According to the police report in that case, Griffith confirmed he had argued with his girlfriend, but denied hitting her or taking her phone.But in addition to finding what the report called “a chunk of her hair,” police also spotted bruises on both of her legs.“Every missing persons case has potential to have foul play involved, but at this point we have found no indication of foul play,” says Las Vegas Police Lt. Officers are still following up on leads, including speaking to Griffith, who has been described as cooperative with investigators.