Is online dating safe yahoo answers

Take things slowly and share more information when you feel comfortable doing so.It is impossible to get back information once you have given it away.And a person can become a problem without having a record.Therefore, don't get a false sense of security because you're on a dating site; do your own research to learn more about someone and make informed decisions before you decide to meet.

Inclusion of the ODA's logo on the site indicates membership.Creating your online dating profile: protect your identity and personal information Be Anonymous - Choose a username that doesn’t let everyone know who you are.Don't include your surname or any other identifying information such as your place of work either in your profile or when you first make contact.Dating services run mail and chat so you can get to know people in a safer and [monitored/controlled] way. Use their platform and the added security it gives.

If and when you do decide to share an e-mail address think about creating a separate and anonymous email address.

You don’t need to give out your life-story the first time you chat – and you shouldn’t.

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