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But I will forever keep the memories and wish that one day when I have kids ...will grow up in such a great place!!!

I have to say i'am the young guy here lol 27 to be exact. My parents got us out of town and moved to Sarasota. Have fun you people are outta ur minds, im 20 and live on west 10th at just about the borderline of gravesend and bensonhurst. we're a young generation of ginnys filled with pride and gettin ready to settle our many families throughout the neighborhood. life in Japan as the world's 2nd largest economy... For the Chinese, your talking about a land mass ruled by Communism for 50yrs, some people from there do seek a better i moved away to see if theres more out there , but it will never be the same as the hurst.people up here get a kick out of the way i talk and act,and so do i of them. jose.darren ruben.chris.peter.riptommy all the guy from O. B who whrer older who raise me when i ran on those streets. Camille, did you remember Frankie Vitali or Peter , Joe-Joe, Cosco. Harvey, I remember before EJ Korrvetts was built, I used to go fishing in the inlet which hit Shore Road. ordering the kitchen sink ice cream plate if you could finish it you got it for free!i"ll never change who iam or how i talk im proud of who iam and where im from theres no where like it my home and memorries of child mothers boyfriend had the candle light lounge years ago and in was on 86st bay 32th and the trains where the when it was the b train i miss that sound i miss the fruit stands where as a kid we have fruit fights at night and all the cars would drive bye all nice 86st was the place to be for me now at 33years old i sit back and think of all the good times we once had as kids. i miss you all stay safe and all bensonhursrt your not forgotton but always deep in our hearts and mines where ever the family may be anywhere.. hey im 28 i was born on 60th and bay parkway then at 13 moved 2 east side ave u aub in the house my mom still lives there the days when i grew up in the hood it was great we used 2 hang in kelly park jungle juice with khb intensitys with the bay rd kids 52 park dont let me get started the good old days where hangin on ocean ave waiting for the girls from st edmonds when we were younger beepers where the shit and women from the tristate area would come down 2 hang in out parks yea im in nj for a while most of the kids we hung with and there where tons we used 2 have like 200 kids out in a 2mile radius are either dead or in jail im out in the real world im a banker with all the nice things that come along with it money houses cars u name it but i would trade it all in for the old days white t jeans cigs a 40 0z and ave u with my old friends...The Gangs as I Remember: The Ave O Boys Seth Low Park Boys The Falcons- 20th Ave. Marboro Projects; (Everyone knew crazy Otto.) Bath Beach Boys Coney Island Boys The Guys from Cropsey Park There was nothing like Brooklyn in those days, I had over 150 friends within a 20 block radius, mostly Italians and Jews and a few Irish, every block had its own softball team 72nd street was playing West 11th in the tar field and 76th st. Chuck and Hairy Ronnie and play waffle ball or dodge ball. I remember the cliques loitering on the street corners drinking an 8 pack of nips, hijacking a pay phone to beep each other. Not that the Chinese are bad people, they keep to themselves. We are from the 70's,80's and early 90's we knew everyone !!!!! Anyway, I used to hang out in the 20th ave parking lot on 86th st. I also knew a few guys that hung out on Bay Pkwy & 86th in front on the news stand, and people from Cropsey park. WE TALK ABOUT US AND GROWING UP SOME WHERE YOU CAN BE PROUD OF AND GOOD MEMORIES AND PEOPLE HATE ON STRONG ITALIAN GUYS CAUSE WE STOOD TOGETHER ALWAYS STRONG.

After that get lunch at John and Petes green house in the park and eat hot bagel pretzels with mustard and drink sunny boys. Going to bay 8 in Brighton Beach, I can't remember, and bringing a cooler and a fat JVC ghetto blaster. They had lines for the evening shows, and most of the time were sold out. But the are everywhere, and they don't even speak english. i was born and raised in Bensonhurst, Bay Parkway girl and proud of it..still best friends with all the neighborhood girls, we're going on a 30 yr. write back someone..i was there like 2 months ago to has changed big time Dorinne I am more from the 80's. YA THERERS ALOT OF BAD APPLES, RATS DRUG USERS ECT...

Survival was not how well you could fight or how fast you could run it was who you knew, when you wondered off your turf and was approached by neighborhood gangs didnt know people they knew, you got your ass handed to you. Wasn't everybody a wannabee DJ with the 2 turntables and a Gemini mixer. Anyway, I used to hang out in the 20th ave parking lot on 86th st. I also knew a few guys that hung out on Bay Pkwy & 86th in front on the news stand, and people from Cropsey park. Our lives on earth are so short, wouldn't it be better to try to evolve into a higher level of civility within this land America, try each other's foods and live at peace.

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