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When we get a chance to check it out, we will post a link on our resources page. Hill or Stream posted on our Sugar Loaf page that they want to know the vertical. Jay also commented with a news article about Sugar Loaf changing hands and we have received a couple of posts on our Facebook page recently that the Loaf that the new owner is planning to re-open it. On the Brady’s Hills page, Pam Mork replied to Aaron Besemer asking him if he is related to the VP of Timberlee Hills?Ken Mc Clellan replied to Tom Fullerton on the Elbert Mountain page that the hang gliding hill is not the same as the old ski jumping hill, but is further south; you have to drive down the beach and climb it from the front.He moved his teaching to Alpine Valley Michigan in ’80 and now teaches at Stevens Pass, Oregon.He tells a funny story about “borrowing” his boss’s goggles from a bench in the lodge on a snowy night when he broke his own goggles.Medical marijuana registry identification cards are valid for one year before patients need to obtain a new doctor’s recommendation and re-apply for a new card.

Ev Kircher of Boyne bought it and eventually gave the property back to Boyne City with a covenant that it never be redeveloped for downhill skiing.Will Stebbins responded to Jon that his dad, Rolly, formed the club in ’48 with about 10 other guys from Lansing when they purchased the land. Brighton page that his dad, Don Morris, was a patroller at Brighton in the 60’s and 70’s.They lost it in bankruptcy in ’85 due to debt incurred from the over-the-top chairlift, snowmaking, and the year-round athletic club. John Baumer remembers a ski trip to LSC from Lansing Eastern HS that got him skiing all through high school. He had many great times there and remembers a run called Big Riskey and a guy named Ferris Steinhauser.If you are searching for a medical marijuana doctor in Michigan who can assist you in obtaining an MMJ ID card, our website lists dozens of physicians in the state of Michigan who will evaluate your health status for the purpose of recommending you for medical marijuana.

Our site also provides physician locations, hours of business, peer reviews of Michigan marijuana doctors and information about dispensaries licensed by the Michigan MMP.

They must be at least 21 years old and have no illegal drug felonies on their criminal record.