Disabled on tv dating show

American disability activist and writer, Cara Liebowitz, has written about the concept of the "ugly disabled" – a term which she has used to describe herself.She doesn't consider herself ugly in a beauty sense, she tells SBS.But for someone like me, who has Cerebral Palsy (CP), it’s a lot more complicated than ’I’m just sitting down.’ So while I think it's a great step to cast disabled people in a show aired across the nation and show the challenges of the unconscious bias that we face, the physical attributes of disability shown on Undressed is only part of the picture the nation needs to discuss.

"I think it’s easy for people to wrap their minds around if they can just think, ’well, that person is just like me, just sitting down is all’.A date who tells us how we should feel, and play the comparison game!Bridgett Mc Donald, a wheelchair user, said "I once had a guy tell me how I should view my disability (you know the ones, they think you automatically hate yourself and they need to save you from feeling so bad about your life), and then say 'at least you don't have something horrible'." "I stared at him blankly", to which he replied "oh, you do..." Mc Donald said. Just like Chris automatically disclosed his disability by being in a wheelchair, my red face, caused by Ichthyosis, is a giveaway too.But casting a diverse range of people on TV shows like can guide viewers in how to talk to disabled people, breaking down the stigma around disability.

I asked my friends about their dating horror stories on Facebook.

Another friend, Brittany Dunlop, who has Ichthyosis (the severe skin condition I have) said her ex-husband treated her very badly.