Delphi dbgrid row cannot be located for updating

Otomatis, bahasa pemrograman visual terkini seperti Delphi, VB, Visual Fox Pro, Visual C ,bisa menggunakan komponen ADO tersebut.Delphi 7 menjajarkan komponen ADO pada tab ADO di Component Palette-nya.Parameter ini berkaitan erat dengan parameter User ID dan Password User ID=User ID yang digunakan untuk login ke SQL Server.

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However, OLE DB is what Microsoft would class a interface and is intended to be used by system-level programmers. It makes greater demands on the programmer and requires a higher level of knowledge in return for lower productivity.

By importing the ADO type library, you can gain direct access to the ADO interfaces; this is how Delphi programmers used ADO before the release of Delphi 5.