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I have another goal that’s more directly related to our company culture. If we’re on all the “Top Ten Best Workplace” lists in three to five years, I’ll know I’ve done something right and it’s our moment to shine.

Ibex Question (IQ): Welcome to White River Junction.IQ: Short of Ibex world domination, do you have any goals for the brand and company that you’re willing to share?TM: We have business goals, of course, and I want to build on our foundations with wholesale and other channels.The last impression is not of laughs, but it stands out. In watching how this place embraced Stan and his owner, it was hard to not be left with a strong sense of feeling. Word on the street is that one of your top priorities is getting a dog. This clearly shows the decisiveness and vision of any good CEO. Who has the final word – you, your wife or your kids? I grew up with Brittany Spaniels and I love sporting dogs.

It shifted my perception of what dogs are like here. TM: The deal was very clear: find a job, get a house, get a dog. But they’re very active for a busy household with two boys – ages 8 and 9 – and a 2-year old daughter. IQ: When you’re not CEO-ing, how do you spend your time?

We are a community that extends far beyond our Vermont roots to the people who wear our clothes and the people who share our passion for treating both each other and the natural world well.