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Just because you took snapshots of your product in different angles doesn’t mean that you have to include them in the final video.Edit and remove some parts and only remain with the best shots.This makes the platform a fertile ground for business owners and marketers alike to promote their businesses.If you’re a business owner, you can create great quality explainer videos and upload them to You Tube to leverage the amount of traffic there.For your explainer videos to be visible to a larger audience, you have to go beyond just uploading them to You Tube. You may spend a big chunk of your time and energy making scintillating videos, but if you don’t optimize them for search engines, they won’t get the exposure you want. First, give them a descriptive title and include keywords in the title.Second, make use of tags (tags are simply keywords that help online searchers find your videos).

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Statistically, the platform has more than one billion users.I personally recommend using the i Tunes podcast app on your smartphone.I subscribe to all of my podcasts through that app.This represents about one-third of all internet users.

Not to forget that millions of hours of videos are watched on the platform each day.

If you want to grow your brand quickly with You Tube, you must have a well laid out goal.