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Any racer who runs out a leg after hitting her head so hard she needed stitches—and then keeps going for five additional legs after that—deserves our cheers.If there was a Miss Amazing Race competition, I would vote for Gretchen about a thousand times.Most Memorable: These teams typically aren’t, with a few notable exceptions.Alterna-brats Adam and Rebecca, in season 6, were christened “the babies” by their fellow Racers—a nickname that ostensibly described their youthfulness, but also happened to aptly describe their attitude.a final that was theirs for the taking ahving virtually decimated the competition every other round. Conversely, I also feel for the FIRST epople who are eliminated form the Race, because I always feel like you need a few legs to really GET your legs in this game. think of your last vacation, took you months to plan and it still went wrong, right? They led from the start, had a brief hiccup with the first clue.They were given costumes to wear and told to figure out who they were supposed to be.Most Memorable: Kentucky coal-miner David and his wife Mary in seasons 10 and 11 were great, but fellow Kentuckians Mark and Bopper in season 20, with their inexplicable streak of insanely good fortune and heartwarming friendship, might well have edged them out as all-time most memorable fish out of water.

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For instance, it’s not hard to spot the non-elimination legs once you’re attuned to the rhythms of the race.They came back in season 11 with a much more mellow outlook and won over more than a few of their previous detractors, even though they failed to make the finals.Most Memorable: Meredith and Gretchen from season 7 were the best ever Mom and Dad team, hands down.This pair typically hails from the large university one or both of them is still attending as an undergrad, although they’re sometimes also actors and/or models.

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    The Amazing Race may be a show that rewards guile over. or are those "dating Goths" total fakes. "High School Friend Contest" plus bonus IAmazing Race/I.…