Dating an emotional vampire

Within just a couple of days you’ll start to feel like your old self.Even more telling, when you do hear from them, they’ll probably report feeling worse—depression, fatigue, perhaps flu-like symptoms.Every conversation, every topic, becomes a new cause of a headache and tension for you.

This may even cause some reactions in your body such as headaches, muscle tension, and general weakness. The behavior pattern of an energy vampire is a fixed set that we are going to mention them all one by one.You may dismiss the feelings you initially get, chalking them up to being tired or overworked.What’s really happening is that your energy field is being sapped.You basically have two options; the first is a break-up.

Dating an emotional vampire comments

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    Jun 5, 2017. If you're feeling like your self-esteem has taken a hit since your relationship began, there's a good chance you're dating an emotional vampire. According to Psych Central, there are varying types of emotional vampires you should watch out for, and one of them is known as “the criticizer.” This type of person.…