Command canexecute not updating

This blog post explains what routed commands are, and why you should use them.

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Commands provide a way to search the element tree for a command handler. Here in the Button control the Command property is bound to the "Update Command". You can also bind a command to any control that supports the command property.The root node in the tree is a container, such as a Window or a Page.Everything seen within that top-level container is a descendant element in its element tree.If you are still hazy on the idea of routed events, check out the blog post I wrote about the topic here. It means that you create an object that knows how to do some task, and then the entire application relies on that object to do that task.

For example, if I am creating an image editing application, I could create a command object called “Create New Image” or something like that.

Command sources care about this because they generally need to update their status accordingly (eg. Create a folder named View Model and a class named Person View Model.