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It didn't sound inappropriate or vulgar at the time.And girls who were considered "mozaz" (plural) usually had lots of confidence, knowing that they are desired by men.

It is not categorized as an offensive word, in spite of the fact that it is considered as a kind of verbal harassment when it takes the form of a loud remark from a male stranger.When used for this purpose, a guy usually follows it by a sound of a kiss, or a wink, or any similar gesture that would stress its sexual connotation and cause the biggest possible amount of embarrassment to his victim.In casual male conversation, however, "mozzah" can be used to refer to any girl, or to describe a physically attactive babe, or as an indirect way of describing certain seductive features of the female body. and in this case it may refer to the guy's own girlfriend! but it is a way of expressing that the relationship is pure dating.. Thus, in fact, it gives the total opposite message that was intended by the "mozzeti".And I would have loved to go through them all, except that there is no room for that here.

What concerns us, though, is the disappearance of the Egyptian middle class, which used to hold the whole social structure together..

At the heart of this linguistic mess comes the word "mozzah" to summarize the modern social scene with its explicit definition of the current relationship between genders.

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