Bluetooth bmw x5 updating phone list

If the problem persists schedule an appointment with your dealer so they can report the issue back to BMW NA.Dealers do not have a resolution beyond what is listed here. My Samsung Galaxy S6 connects very well in my Odyssey, but in F36, its intermittent. Last time when I asked my SA, he said "this car is made for i Phone" I haven't had too many bluetooth connectivity issues but every once in a while (it's happened twice now) the car just refuses to connect via bluetooth OR via the USB cord I have in the car.I use Bluetooth exclusively for music, talk radio, podcasts, etc.and phone calls, and I also receive texts via i Drive and send them using Siri activated via the steering wheel button.Had the disconnect problem on 2014 X 340i, with my Galaxy S6 and my wife's Galaxy S6 Active.It was so frustrating that we reset both phones; a pain because some software has to be reinstalled, desktop apps, etc. I had the bluetooth issue with my F33 when I got it three weeks ago.I've had these BT issues since day one with the car.Oddly I also had them on my 2011 X5 for the 3 years I owned it. My wife and I have no problem in her Nissan, but when we use our phones in my BMW it is a disaster.

That is a bold move on BMW's part considering how many Bluetooth enabled devices work just fine with i Phone/Android.As BMW is not taking responsibility for the issue there is no current fix for the problem. Our old Windows phones (Lumia 920) worked much better and with more functionality than our new i Phone 6S.At least now when your phone isn't working with your BMW Bluetooth you won't go crazy trying to fix a problem you can't fix. The sales people at phone stores (ATT, Verizon, etc.) all say it's Apple.Don't forget that there are far more non-i Phone smart phones out there - you (and I) are in a minority and BMW and other manufacturers cater to the many not the few.