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In the episode "Hulkamania Forever", Hulk also mentions that the family has no source of income as lawyer and music studio bills in excess of $200,000 had come in recently.Hogan explains in his 2009 autobiography My Life Outside the Ring, that paying unionized camera crews to film subjects continuously until something telegenic or dramatic occurs would prohibitively expensive, and that as a result, shows such as Hogan Knows Best are "soft-scripted", and follow a tightly regimented shooting schedule that allows for typical work-related considerations such as lunch breaks.When filming soft-scripted shows, the subjects are given a scenario by the producers to act out, perhaps an exaggerated version of something likely to be encountered in their real lives, are informed of the outcome, and possible "beats" in between, and instructed to improvise, which Hogan says is a version of what he did as a professional wrestler.

Time has flown but we made wonderful memories with the cast, crew and network! He works for a law firm -- he's not a lawyer -- does "field research" ... They were in and out of the sushi joint in less than a half hour. David -- who is 27 -- is from Atlanta and does not seem to have significant roots in California. As for the Valentine's Day date, it was pretty quick. Often focusing on the Hogans' raising of their children, and on Hulk Hogan's attempts to manage and assist in his children's burgeoning careers, the title of the show is a play on the title of a show from the 1950s, Father Knows Best.

After the cancellation of Hogan Knows Best in 2007, a spin-off entitled Brooke Knows Best debuted in 2008, and ran for two seasons.

Nick was charged with a felony for reckless driving and underage drinking.

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