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Consolidating your investment management systems means you can gain: Transparency Get intra-day data and a holistic view of exposure and positions Control Enable better decision-making through a single source of truth Agility Gain more flexibility in your operating model to adapt to market changes Automation Reduce manual workarounds and increase process efficiency Sim Corp Dimension offers you all these benefits and more.So, by simplifying your investment management systems, you can make your business fit for the future.This patchwork of systems leads to: At Sim Corp, we believe that your IT infrastructure should give you agility, efficiency and control.With Sim Corp Dimension, you can consolidate your investment management IT systems and ensure you achieve your growth ambitions – no matter where your business moves.Removing inefficiencies isn’t a choice but a necessity.Yet many investment managers still operate in a patchwork of single-purpose IT systems that aren’t connected, where data doesn’t flow freely and isn’t available in real time.The consolidation of business activities reduces operational redundancies and eliminates superfluous staff and administrative functions.As a result, operating and capital costs decline, which helps improve the bottom line.

This process is designed to lower overhead and production costs, create additional revenue streams, attract skilled managers and achieve economies of scale.This consolidation can also improve communication between business functions, such as production and marketing, and achieve savings by decreasing head count and consolidating systems and processes.For example, a jet engine manufacturer might close one under-utilized manufacturing plant and install additional production lines at another plant.A common challenge of large and global companies is the consolidation of many separate and siloed CRM systems into a single, enterprise-wide CRM application.

Many times large or decentralized organizations accumulate separate CRM systems via acquisitions or departmental initiatives.

For example, airline mergers lead to the consolidation of maintenance facilities, which improves the utilization of both the facility square footage and the maintenance staff.

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  • The Benefits of Supplier Consolidation Extend Far Beyond Sourcing. profil de paulette60


    In terms of effectiveness-related benefits from supplier consolidation beyond cost savings, improved compliance ranks among the largest. It includes t Supplier compliance from engaging suppliers that have capable processes/systems and are comfortable performing transparently against service level agreements SLAs.…