Being equally yoked in dating

There are many ways to possess someone, besides just physically.It is possible to give more of your to someone than you’ve given to anybody else.Sustainable marriage between non-waiters wouldn’t exist without a kind of emotional possession that goes beyond the physical.Of course, the problem is that for 50% of marriages, sustainable marriage exist — the emotional ownership alone isn’t quite strong enough to last a lifetime in many cases.And now all of a sudden, it’s like you can’t stop thinking about it and torturing yourself with mental pictures.This has gone from a minor annoyance to a major and central problem in your relationship.

How has their sexual past shaped their attitudes today?When you find out that your girlfiriend/boyfriend won’t be able to participate in this mutual physical ownership, you’ve got two problems…There is only one way to fix this: You have to make damn sure that you have extra emotional ownership to compensate for the lack of extra physical possession.Sometimes a person’s past can represent permanent differences in character that will make it nearly impossible for you to have a happy long-term relationship with them.

So in summary: Get off your high horse, but keep your ears perked.

You may conclude that your partner’s past does not actually have a hell of a lot of bearing on who they are now or who they will likely be in 10 years.

Being equally yoked in dating comments

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