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Includes information that all victim service providers must know, including victims' rights and the justice systems, which provides a foundation for victim services.Provides basic information on how the civil justice system works.And documenting your interactions with victims provides a record of your work and actions that may be useful later.Presents a structured approach to recognizing and solving problems that arise in your work.Provides information for victim service providers who need to document information about victims of crime.

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Describes how to accurately determine the services that will help victims in the aftermath of a crime.Understanding what constitutes a crisis, and knowing how to intervene when one occurs, can make a critical difference to someone who has been victimized.Covers the skills you need to interact with and assist crime victims from all cultures and backgrounds, and explains why these skills are so important.Tribal justice systems can vary from traditional Western-style systems to tribal courts and traditional courts, including family and community forums.

Introduces victim service providers to the various entities that provide assistance to victims of crime.

Resolving the conflict by negotiating an outcome that's acceptable to everyone is an important skill for a victim service provider.

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